5 Reasons Why You Must Opt For Waxing Over Shaving


Have you time-lined the regrowth of your body when you shave? You probably may not able to because you can enjoy the complete hairless state for two days max. Women who like to have a smooth skin for a much longer time, then there's a much better alternative for you- Waxing. Although waxing has a tainted image for pain, we can give you 5 reasons to drop shaving and try waxing.

Starpil Wax
Starpil Wax

Let's Do It Then!

  • No Cuts!

No woman needs an introductory talk on how shaving has always had a knack for cracking up our skin. Quite painful, but more than that, is it worth it? All the cuts and bruises and before those get healed, we bet you will see the hair growing back. Waxing sets you free from these absurdities! No cuts, no bruises, just clean, soft skin!

  • For The Umpteenth Time, Waxing Lasts 300 Times More

This should probably be the king of an excuse to order a body waxing kit right now! When you shave, the hair gets cut from the epidermis and because the hair grows from the roots, it takes just two days to resurface. Waxing pulls the hair from the roots and it takes at least 2-3 weeks before you could see a significant regrowth.

  • This Is An Enticing One- Thinner Hair Growth With Consistent Waxing

It's like repeating the same thing but the best of the waxing advantages are based on the fact that it removes the hairs from the roots. Okay, so pulling from the roots damages it. Continuous waxing weakens the hair follicles which gradually make the hair thinner. Shaving does exactly the opposite! Because it has no role in affecting the roots, the hair follicles become stronger as the time passes. This is why you will see your hair growth going thicker with time.

  • No Stubble, Just Sleek Shiny Skin For Days

Women who are regularly buying home waxing kits and staying strong for the process must have seen something in it, don't you think? We know exactly what's on their mind! The smooth, velvety skin giving a sumptuous feel is what keeping them anchored to waxing. Shaving leaves an uncomforting stubble which does not impart the same sense of confidence as waxing does.

  • And It's Not As Painful As Your First Time

There's no denying the pain that waxing causes, but the first experience is always more painful and trust me, it wears off if we continue. It becomes more of a habit than a painful experience. The more you do it, the stronger you feel about the entire thing. All you've to do is to stick to it. And the silver lining is that now there are stripless waxes (hard wax) available which sting very little. Hard wax hair removal is best for smaller areas but you can also use it for hands and legs.

See, don't the perks of waxing beat shaving on all fronts? If you are thinking about affordability, don't! You can buy a complete waxing kit at extremely affordable prices at Starpil. Go for it, it's time to feel how waxing can impart an air of opulence around you!